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Finding the Best Drug Rehab Program for You


Nearly five million people make a trip to the emergency room every year due to drug overdoses or other incidents related to illegal drug use. One and one-half million of these people do not make it out of the hospital because they have died due to their unfortunate addiction. The most common causes of drug related death include:

  • Diseases of the Heart
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Overdose
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Disease of the Liver

The Astonishing Number of Addicted Americans

Drug addiction is no laughing matter, and should not be taken lightly. Drug addiction remains one of the toughest problems individuals and families have to deal with in our society. Regardless of whether they are using street drugs like heroin or methamphetamine, or they are abusing prescription drugs, very few get the help they need. Without proper treatment, the odds of beating addiction are very low.

Who Does Addiction Affect

It can affect anyone. Addiction does not discriminate against race, age, gender, social status, wealth, or educational background. Unfortunately, addiction can happen to anyone at any time. Not only does it affect the user, but it also affects friends and family. Everyone around the user will become a victim of their addiction at one time or another.

Effects of Drug Addiction

While death is the most feared result of drug addiction, it is not the only consequence to be concerned about. Many users suffer from ailments caused by their drug use, such as infections, communicable diseases, withdrawal symptoms, and deteriorating physical and mental health. Violence and theft are also many times a result of addiction. Many drug addicts have been arrested at least once in their lifetime. A large percentage of them are repeat offenders.

How to Fight Addiction

If you or a loved one suffer from an ongoing addiction to drugs, drug rehabilitation programs are available to begin the recovery process. A drug rehab will address several issues with the addict in order to help them learn to live a drug-free life. They will help the addict:

  • Deal with the underlying cause of their addiction
  • Develop useful coping techniques to avoid relapse
  • Sustain positive spiritual and behavioral health
  • Develop an aftercare plan

What You Can Expect From Your Treatment Center

You can expect that you or your loved one will be taken care of in a clean and structured environment away from common triggers and daily stresses, making abstinence from drugs much easier on the addict. You can also expect a well-trained staff to care for patients and educate them about their drug addiction and teach them how to avoid using, and go on to live a happy, healthy, and sober life.

While drug addiction remains to be an ongoing battle in our nation, drug abuse treatment is available. Don’t let drugs ruin your or a loved one’s life. Start recovery today.



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