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What to Expect the First Day of Drug Rehab

first day

The first day in a drug rehabilitation center can be an imposing experience. After making the initial decision to seek help, this is the next biggest step toward living a sober lifestyle. During the intake process, addicts will most likely meet with a variety of professionals in the medical field. Someone will most likely come forward to help with the suitcase. At this point, suitcases will generally be searched to make sure that there are no contraband items traveling into the drug rehabilitation facility. Other than the initial search, the initial day of drug rehabilitation services should be one of the easiest days at the facility.

Going Through Intake

Before rehab can officially start, the medical team has to understand where the patient is physically, mentally, and emotionally. They will most likely ask an extensive series of questions about the patient’s medical history. Problems like hepatitis, tuberculosis, asthma, high blood pressure, or diabetes will continue to be treated during rehabilitation, so the doctors at the facility must be aware of any medical issues. The medical staff will also check to make sure that they have all of the necessary prescriptions that the patient will need for the duration of the stay.

After the questionnaire, patients will have a medical physical to look for any unforeseen problems. If something is off, the drug addict may have to undergo further testing to figure out what the issue is.

The First Therapy Appointment

Normally, the first day may also include an initial meeting with a counselor or therapist. The addict will be able to discuss their history of drug use. This is also a time for discussing the ideal outcome or goals for the rehabilitation process. If there is enough time, the initial intake appointment may touch on some of the underlying issues that triggered the addiction. With this information, the counselor or therapist will be able to design a treatment plan that aids the patient during their stay.

At this point, patients should tell their doctor or therapist if they have any psychological disorder. Patients who have a mental disorder can be helped using a dual diagnosis treatment. This method has been shown to be more effective than just treating the drug addiction on its own.

Searching Luggage for Contraband

Since each suitcase will be searched, addicts should make sure that their bags do not contain any drugs, weapons, or alcohol. Some rehabilitation centers will also make patients leave mobile devices and laptops at home, so they can focus entirely on treatment. As patients pack their bags for rehab, they should also make sure that they only bring along prescription drugs. Prescription medicine will be kept at a medical center or pharmacy on site. As the medication is needed, a nurse or doctor on site will hand out the dose. If there is any confusion about what is considered contraband, patients can always ask their rehabilitation center for a list of items that they are not allowed to bring with them. In general, anything that could be considered a weapon or a drug is not allowed.

Unpacking and Settling in at Rehab

Once the paperwork and medical check is complete, it is time to begin settling in. Addicts will be introduced to other people, and they may go to a group meeting. There will most likely be a tour of the facility at some point and a meal or two. If a patient is already going into withdrawals or needs other medical attention, they will get help immediately. Otherwise, the rest of the drug rehabilitation process will continue on the next day.



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5 Myths About Drug Rehab


Drug addiction is a serious disease that should not be taken lightly. It can take over your life and ruin your relationships with people you care about. Few drug addicts are able to quit by themselves, so treatment is necessary. If you have a drug addiction, you should definitely consider drug rehab soon. Also, do not believe all the myths of drug rehab. Here are five myths about drug rehab.

Myth 1: Drug Rehab Can Lead to Job Loss

Many people avoid drug rehab because they are afraid of losing their jobs. The truth is that entering drug rehab can actually help you keep your job. Employers do not want their workers using drugs on the job, so they are willing to let them go to drug rehab. Many of them will not terminate the employee because hiring someone new can cost a lot of time and money in traning someone new.

Myth 2: Drug Addicts Are Babied in Drug Rehab

Although drug treatment specialists will show compassion, they will not baby the patients. They do not just tell them that everything is going to be okay. Drug treatment specialists will be brutally honest with the patients. They will tell a drug addict that his addiction is ruining his life and can eventually lead to death. It sounds harsh, but it is important to give the patients a dose of reality in drug rehab.

Myth 3: Drug Rehab Centers Force Religion on Patients

A lot of people believe that drug rehab centers force religion on their patients. They think that drug treatment specialists believe that religion will cure a drug addiction. Although some drug treatment specialists encourage spirituality, they will not force religion on someone.

Myth 4: Drug Rehab Centers Don’t Allow You To See Family

Many people avoid drug rehabilitation centers because they believe they can’t see their family members for weeks. Well, that is simply not true. In reality, many drug treatment specialists encourage family members to participate in treatment. They believe that drug addicts are much more likely to recover if their family members are involved in their treatment. Family members should visit patients regularly in drug rehab to get a better understanding of their addiction.

Myth 5: Drug Rehab Cures Drug Addiction

Some people believe it takes just a few weeks in drug rehab to cure a drug addiction. Unfortunately, drug addiction is a life-long battle. When a person leaves drug rehab, he will have to stay focused and strong. Drug rehab just teaches drug addicts different coping techniques so that they stay away from drugs. Patients must utilize the techniques they learned in drug rehab when they go out into the real world again.

As you can see, there are a lot of myths about drug rehab centers. Do not believe any of them. If you are addicted to drugs, do not wait to seek treatment. It is important to go to a drug rehab center as soon as possible so that you can get better. If you seek treatment and stay strong, you can beat your drug addiction.


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