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How to Finance Your Drug Rehabilitation

How-to-Finance-Your-Drug-Rehabilitation7 Ways to Finance Your Drug Rehabilitation

When it comes to paying for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, the best way to pay for it is in cash. On the other hand, many substance abusers don’t have the necessary funds it takes to pay for even a portion of their treatment services. When financing rehab becomes an issue, it is imperative to take other alternatives into consideration. Fortunately, there are several alternatives, making it simple for anyone to take part in treatment no matter their financial situations.

Alternative #1: Friends and Family

Whether you have only one close friend or an abundance of family members, chances are, these people want to see you get better. When you get to the point that you are aware that you have problem and you are ready to go to treatment, your loved ones will be ecstatic. In fact, they may even be willing to pay for your treatment. If you are nervous about asking them for help, know that this is not uncommon, but you will need all types of help to be successful in recovery. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, including when it comes to asking for financial help.

Alternative #2: Program Financing

There are many treatment programs that offer their own financing options. Such options may include:

  • Paying for half of the treatment upfront, followed by paying off the balance according to monthly payments
  • Monthly payments
  • Working with third-party lenders
  • Making payments once treatment has been completed

Alternative #3: Credit Card


Credit cards should only be used during times of emergency, and technically, getting yourself clean should be considered an emergency. If you have no other way to finance your treatment, consider paying for your services using a credit card. Just make sure you charge your expenses to a card with a low interest rate.

Alternative #4: Personal Loan

Many times, substance abusers don’t have good credit because during their active state of addiction, they didn’t properly tend to their credit issues; however, if you can qualify, try obtaining a personal loan from a local bank to fund your treatment. You may need to provide collateral to secure the loan. If this is the case, try using your vehicle as collateral; however, most likely, you will have to fully own the car before being able to take out a loan against it.

Alternative #5: Savings Account

Do you have a savings account? If so, consider using the funds to finance your treatment. After all, a savings account is meant to fund things of importance, and there is nothing more important than getting yourself clean.

Alternative #6: Health Insurance

If you have health insurance, especially a plan that you have obtained through your employer, chances are, the policy will cover your treatment services for a certain amount of time. For example, the insurance may pay for 30 days worth of treatment. If you take part in a 90 day program, at least 30 days worth of services will be covered.

Alternative #7: Sell Your Assets

Do you own anything of value that you can live without? Maybe a boat or extra vehicle? If so, you can sell these items to pay for your treatment. If you have any funds left over, you can use them to start your new life. After all, you will be living a new life once you complete your treatment. You may even have to relocate, so having the extra funds will be of great benefit to you.


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